Japan Rail Trip in Kyushu: The Best Places to Go and What to See

If you are planning a trip to Japan, don’t miss out on exploring the stunning southern island of Kyushu! Boasting numerous amazing cities and attractions – from stunning beaches to temples – Kyushu offers something for every traveller on any Japan Rail Trip in Kyushu – be it via Hiroshima or from Osaka! This blog post will provide all the essential info and guidance required to plan the perfect trip!


Fukuoka, one of Kyushu’s largest cities and best places to stay during a Japan Rail Trip in Kyushu is an ideal starting point. Boasting popular attractions like Hakata Machiya Folk Museum, Kushida Shrine and Yanagibashi Market; as well as numerous restaurants and shopping opportunities that will keep you fueled up and provide unique souvenirs; Fukuoka serves as gateway to other Kyushu destinations like Nagasaki and Kumamoto – making it the ideal starting point! Access these areas using Japan Rail Pass easily!


Nagasaki, one of Japan’s historically significant sites and home to stunning landscapes, should definitely be included as part of any Kyushu trip. From Peace Park and Glover Garden – not forgetting Atomic Bomb Museum – to Gunkanjima island nearby and plenty of restaurants and bars offering local flavours, this city should definitely not be overlooked on any Kyushu itinerary. Easily reach Nagasaki from Fukuoka using your Japan Rail Pass – take JR Kagoshima Main Line towards Kumamoto before switching onto Nagasaki Line for one final leg before returning back towards Fukuoka!


Kumamoto, known for its castle and traditional gardens, also provides a fantastic place to discover shrines, museums and parks. Suizenji Garden serves as the backdrop to city skylines while Aso-Kuju National Park provides stunning views of nearby Mount Aso. Plus there’s always plenty of shops throughout Kumamoto so why not pick up souvenirs to remember your visit! Getting there by train from Fukuoka is effortless: take the JR Kagoshima Main Line all the way down to Kumamoto Station before getting off. You should definitely not miss out on a trip here. 


Kagoshima, one of Kyushu’s vibrant cities, boasts numerous attractions to keep visitors busy on Japan Rail Trips in Kyushu. Senganen Garden to Sakurajima Volcano offers something for all visitors; Amami Oshima Island also makes for a cultural immersion day trip; seafood feasters should head straight for Amami Oshima Island! Additionally, thanks to easy access to the ocean Kagoshima offers plenty of seafood dining opportunities; take the JR Kagoshima Main Line from Fukuoka for approximately four hours of travel time to Kagoshima!


Miyazaki, located on Kyushu’s eastern coast, is an idyllic city known for its natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. Travellers will discover numerous beaches, temples, shrines and parks here; Udo Jingu Shrine in particular attracts travellers for its incredible sweeping countryside views. Furthermore, its climate provides ideal conditions for outdoor activities like surfing and mountain biking; making Miyazaki an excellent place for an active vacation experience! From Fukuoka it is simple to reach Miyazaki by taking the JR Nippo Line until arriving there – enjoy!


Beppu, Kyushu’s premier hot springs destination, boasts eight types of hot springs with unique characteristics – mud pools to steam baths – making this destination worth exploring for everyone. There are also restaurants, shopping opportunities and other activities you should check out while visiting Beppu from Nagasaki by taking the JR Nagasaki Main Line towards Oita City before changing onto the JR Nippo Line and finally arriving at Beppu Station. And don’t miss out on visiting nearby Mount Aso and the lush greenery of Kuju-Kumano National Park! 

Common Roadblocks First Time Visitors Might Encounter 

While travelling in Japan, worrying about the language barrier is a common concern; fortunately English is widely spoken among train attendants and station staff. However, most station announcements will likely only be given in Japanese – so be mindful to look out for signage within stations as well as asking staff for directions if necessary or if you are lost; don’t be shy about asking! As with any country, be mindful of its cultural norms before visiting – such as bowing when greeting people and taking off shoes when entering homes and certain restaurants, look out for tatami mats. As well as transportation costs associated with long journeys – JR Passes may help save money when taking long journeys but cannot be used on private railways so make sure before embarking upon any long journeys!

Kyushu is an amazing region of Japan filled with breathtaking sights and experiences to be found everywhere you look. Boasting vibrant cities, beautiful natural landscapes and historical landmarks – Kyushu makes for an incredible journey across its shores! Whether your goals include cultural immersion or outdoor adventuring – Kyushu has something special in store. So hop aboard Japan Rail today and prepare to discover!