The 3 Best Tropical Islands To Visit in Japan

Japan is a nation flourishing with natural wonders and beauty, and as such, visiting this special country is a goal for many.

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As you travel to one of the three main Japanese islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, and Kyushu, you may wonder how to progress your journey to enjoy the best of Japan’s tropical beauty.

In this article, we’ll discuss the three best tropical islands to visit in Japan. 

  1. Okinawa

Okinawa is one of the most popular tropical destinations in the entire country of Japan and is repeatedly likened to a modern-day paradise. Not only does it boast glistening coral reefs but also breathtaking beaches that are sure to capture your delight.

What distinguishes Okinawa from many other tropical islands is its distinct cultural heritage and fantastic accommodations, boasting some of the best bars, island attractions, and lounging areas in the entire country. As such, many Japanese nationals will prioritise a trip to Okinawa each year.

  1. Yakushima

Yakushima might not be officially classified as a tropical island, but it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its incredible rainforests. This has maintained a wonderful, natural ecosystem that has been preserved by wildlife experts for years. 

As such, Yakushima is beautifully preserved, with tranquil waterfalls, moss-covered forests, cedar trees, and centuries-old cedar trees that are sure to inspire any artist or nature-lover through and through. Yakushima is particularly calming for those who visit, making for a perfect walking destination and visitor attraction.

  1. Kerama Islands

The Kerama Islands are located a little further west of Okinawa and remains a hotspot for those who enjoy water activities like snorkelling and diving. Moreover, the large population of sea turtles here provides wonderful visitor attractions. With its clear waters and peaceful surroundings, it’s not hard to see how a few hours spent here can entirely dissolve your stress.

Bonus: Amami Islands

Some argue that the most underrated and well-preserved beaches are found in the Amami Islands, thanks to their incredible marine life and pristine white beaches. Not only this, but Ashami offers one of the largest islands in the archipelago. 

The Amami Islands are considered one of the best-kept secrets of Japan, adored by nationals and tourists in the know alike. You’ll have to forgive us for revealing the secret, but we’re sure you’ll thank us in the same stroke.

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What are you waiting for? The beauty of Japan’s mainland and tropical islands are there to be explored. 

After all, the artistic beauty, cultural heritage, and fantastic philosophy emanating from Japan did not grow from a vacuum, it was directly inspired by the fantastical surroundings that are ready and willing to be discovered anew.

Why not visit and see what inspiration awaits you?

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