About Us

A few years ago, we set out to make planning a rail trip around Europe as easy as possible - to achieve this, we launched Interrail Planner & Eurail Planner, the free European rail planning tools. Now, we want to do the same for Japan rail travel.

In 2018, we travelled around Japan using a Japan rail pass, which was absolutely fantastic! However, while planning the trip, we were facing many of the problems we had faced when planning our first rail trips round Europe! Japan Rail needed a tool like the ones we had created for Interrail and Eurail.

So, we decided to take what we had built for European rail and adapt it to Japan rail travel, giving us Japan Rail Planner! We really hope you find it useful and that it makes planning your Japan rail trip quicker and easier. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear it, so drop us a line on Facebook or via email.

Have a great trip!

Meet the guys behind JapanRailPlanner.com

Jack Cowell Co-Founder

Jack's dual passions are travelling the world and building digital products that solve problems for people. So, as you'd imagine, he's delighted to be making it easier for people to plan trips to the wonderful place that is Japan! He also developed a pretty serious ramen addiction after visiting Japan - luckily, the strong ramen scene in London has managed to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Jack MacHugh Co-Founder

A wizard with digital content, Jack curates fantastic articles and photos for our blog and social media accounts - see for yourself on our Instagram! He also takes care of a lot of the less glamorous stuff like accounting, which is a massive help to the team. Jack's ideal night out in Japan starts with a Sake tasting and ends by belting out noughties classics in a Karaoke bar until the early hours.

Dino Vidaković Co-Founder

Dino is an entrepreneur, manager and a passionate web developer... you know, the kind of guy that can't really travel anywhere without a laptop, or a phone at the very least. He's got over 10 years experience in tech and runs Crionis the company that has developed the software for all three of Interrail Planner, Eurail Planner, and Japan Rail Planner.