3 Days In Yokohama: What To See And Where To Go

Yokohama is Japan’s second-largest metropolitan city, housing over 3.8 million residents. This city has endless fun activities for tourists, and a one-day trip may not be enough to experience them. Therefore, spending at least three days here will be ideal. And you can visit this destination by leveraging the Japan Rail Pass. Yokohama is really close to Tokyo and you get between each city by train in just 20 minutes. So, with 3 days in Yokohama, what should you go and see and where should you go? Here’s a 3-day itinerary for Yokohama that will hopefully help plan your journey through Japan!

Day 1

You can visit the Sankeien Garden, a traditional Japanese garden with ponds, seasonal flora, and historic architecture. You can also enjoy a tasty sushi breakfast at the fish market, so keep this in mind. Admittedly, the central market may not be as popular as in Tokyo. Nevertheless, you will have a lifetime breakfast experience at places like the famous Sushi Bar Sagamiya Hotel. 

Minato Mirai 21 district is famous for its skyline and tourist attractions. Therefore, you can visit this area in the afternoon. Consider visiting the Landmark Tower, one of Japan’s tallest buildings. Here, you can experience panoramic views from the observation deck. You can also visit the nearby Cosmo World amusement park to ride the iconic Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris wheel.

The Red Brick Warehouse district is the ideal spot to visit in the evening, as it boasts boutique shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. You can purchase unique souvenirs for your loved ones, so keep this in mind. You can also experience fine dining at one of the waterfront restaurants overlooking the bay.

Day 2

On your second day, you can explore Yamashita Park, a waterfront park with beautiful bay views. You can also visit the Yokohama Marine Tower for panoramic city views. This structure is iconic, built to properly honour the hundredth anniversary of the port. It is 106 m tall, making it the highest land-based lighthouse on the planet. A revolving observation deck on the tower allows you to spot Mount Fuji, Boso Peninsula, and Oshima Island.

You can explore the Cup Noodles Museum in the afternoon if you love noodles. This place is dedicated to the invention and history of instant noodles. You can create your cup noodles and learn about the different varieties of instant noodles worldwide. You can also listen to the inspirational story of instant noodle pioneer Mr Ando, so keep this in mind.

It’s a lovely evening, and you are now thinking about how to wrap up your day. Fortunately,  you can visit the much-talked-about Yokohama Chinatown. After drinking draft beers at the izakaya, you can explore Yamashita Park and other places. You should note that this location buzzes with human traffic and lights in the evening. Walk through the bustling streets with shops, street food vendors, and restaurants offering delicious Chinese cuisine. While at it, don’t forget to try steamed buns, dumplings, and other local delicacies.

Day 3

You can make your last day memorable by visiting the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, a large amusement park and aquarium complex. This place has rides, shows, and exhibits showcasing marine life. The Aqua Museum and Dolphin Fantasy are highlights you shouldn’t miss. You can also shop at the retail shops around the area.

Afterwards, you can take a relaxing cruise around Yokohama Bay and enjoy the scenic views. Several sightseeing cruises are available, including lunch and dinner options. However, the lunch cruise will be more suitable since you’ll explore this tourist attraction at noon. 

Since this would be your last evening here, you can explore the Yokohama Ramen Museum, a unique museum dedicated to the history and culture of ramen noodles. You can taste different regional styles of ramen from various stalls while learning about their origins. 

This itinerary makes it possible to enjoy this destination without stress. However, you can customise it to suit your interests, so keep this in mind. This way, you can maximise your time in Yokohama, before heading to your next destination using the Japan Rail Pass.