The best temples to visit in Japan

Konichiwa intrepid travelers! If you are serious about exploring Japan, then it’s so important to absorb some of the history and culture of this beautiful country. If you find yourself here, it’s because you’ve decided to explore the Land of the Rising Sun by rail. This has become much more common in recent times, with breathtaking routes, and affordable yet efficient trips.

Japan Rail Planner is the perfect way of planning your trip so that you can make the most of the amazing opportunities you have for discovery. One of the best ideas to help you get a feel for the true Japan is to check out some of the awe-inspiring temples that this unique nation has. Estimated to be home to more than 70,000 temples, there is so much opportunity here to have unique and fresh experiences. Here are some of the most remarkable temples in Japan that you should check out on your rail route right now.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple – Kyoto

This iconic temple, also known as Pure Water Temple, is one of the most spectacular in all of Japan, and it’s not hard to understand why, This is a temple with special significance, as the worshippers here believe that it is where Kannon, the Goddess of Mercy, resides, and it was built to honor her. One of the factors that makes this a must for tourists is the fact that there are often special events held here, such as stage productions, and nighttime illuminations. From Kyoto station, visitors can take a bus ride to the temple.

Kōtoku-in Temple – Kamakura

Kamakura is one home to a plethora of wonderful Buddhist temples, and Kotokuin is certainly one of the most majestic and is renowned for its Great Buddha statue outside. This is an awesome sight, and reason alone to visit, and no matter the season, the temple can’t help but impress. The Great Buddha is the symbol of Kamakura, and this 11.3-meter high monument is something you simply have to ensure you sample during your travels.

Daigo-ji Temple – Kyoto

This is like one of those temples you could imagine pressed between the pages of a storybook from yesteryear. Elegant, regal, serene, and tranquil, Daigo-ji is made up of three different structures: Sambo-in, and then lower-Daigo, and upper-Daigo, with the latter involving a hike up a mountain top to access it. When you think of ancient Japan, this is the sort of temple you think about, and it’s important to experience this as much as possible.

Yakushi-ji Temple – Nara

One of the most ancient and important temples in Japan, Yakushi-ji is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most impressive temples in the country. It was once one of the Seven Great Temples of Nanto, and today exists as the headquarters for the School of Japanese Buddhism. The beauty and architecture on display here is so unique, and you need to make sure you experience it for yourself.

Sensoji Temple – Tokyo

If you are in Tokyo and you only do one thing, you have to make sure you check out the Sensoji Temple. One of the oldest and most popular temples in the country, it is believed to date back to some time around the 7th Century. This popular tourist attraction is home to an enormous tiered pagoda that is truly stunning. The temple is most definitely at its best at nighttime, and this is the perfect occasion on which to visit, as the illuminations add that mythical feel to it, as well as enhancing the features and architecture of the building as well.

Horyu-ji Temple – Nara

Horyu-ji is known as the Temple of Flourishing Law and is considered one of Japan’s most celebrated temple complexes. Indeed, many of its structures were listed by the national government as being a National Treasure in 2001. The temple’s 32-meter wood pagoda is widely regarded as the oldest wooden structure in the world. What’s more, the temple grounds are believed to be home to around 2,000 articles of extreme cultural significance.

Taking an iconic and memorable Japan Rail journey around the country will almost certainly involve sampling some of the most beautiful and breathtaking temples in the country. This is simply a handful of what is on offer – a sneak peek of some of the exceptional beauty and majesty that Japan has to offer. These are areas of supreme cultural importance and significance, and any visitors to the country need to make sure they experience. Change your perspective on life by checking out the wonderful temples on your travels.

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