3 Days in Sendai: What to See and Where to Go

Sendai is a beautiful city for tourists to visit when travelling around Japan on a Japan Rail Pass, but it offers more than just its natural beauty, such as its bays and mountain ranges. Only two hours away from Tokyo by bullet train, it boasts a wealth of activities for visitors to enjoy, with there being so much to try getting everything done could seem impossible. It doesn’t have to be.

With Japan Rail Planner, you can plan your trip around Japan to incorporate a visit to Sendai and fill your time up with the best Sendai has to offer. Even if you’re only there for three days, there’ll be more than enough time to enjoy yourself.

It’s worth diving into a three-day itinerary for when you’re in Sendai.

Day 1

Where you should go first seems complicated, but the Aoba Castle makes it easy. While the castle itself is gone, the site offers beautiful views and helps you get acquainted with the area. Follow this up with Zuihoden, a famous mausoleum boasting interesting exhibits and beautiful scenes.

It’s also worth doing a bit of shopping at Ichibancho, where you can also take in some local cuisine. If you want to finish off your day with a bit of history, then the Sendai City Museum should round-off your day. You’ll relax while enjoying interesting stories and exhibits about the area’s past.

Day 2

If you want to start off your second day in Sendai with some beauty, then Matsushima Bay is worth a visit. Known as one of the area’s Three Great Views, visitors take advantage of the area’s boat trips, enjoying the pine tree-covered islands that pepper the bay. Once you’re done with the bay, Zuiganji Temple should be next on your list.

A Zen Buddhist temple, it’s known for its relaxing atmosphere and intricate carvings. It’s worth a look if you want to relax while taking in a bit of history. If you still want to take in a bit more history, Entsuin Temple is an option. Found nearby, you won’t have to travel far to enjoy it.

To take in a bit of atmosphere and round-out your day, try the Matsushima Rinkai Promenade. With breathtaking views, the waterfront area is a great way to wind down for the night.

Day 3

No trip to Sendai is complete without taking in a sense of its culture while enjoying some scenic architecture. Where better to do this than the Sendai Mediatheque, the area’s cultural centre? Followed up with a trip to the nearby Jozenji-dori Avenue, a beautiful zelkova-lined street, and you’ll have no problem enjoying the atmosphere.

The Sendai Asaichi (morning market) and Sendai Gyutan are also both close-by, both of which offer great local cuisine and shops to buy souvenirs in. You’ll have no problem making some memories strolling down either of these. If you have a little spare time, the Akiu Onsen is worth visiting. A short distance away, this is a hot spring resort that’s sure to get you relaxing.

With all that Sendai has to offer it may seem as though you don’t have enough time to fit everything in. A three-day trip might feel like it’s not enough, but that’s far from it. It’s a great amount of time to spend in Sendai before hopping back on the bullet train, Japan Rail Pass in hand, and on your way to the next destination on your rail trip around Japan. Start planning your rail trip around Japan with Japan Rail Planner now.